Thankful Thursday – July 28, 2016

Another week has flown by and it’s a hot Thankful Thursday again.   Why does it go so fast when it seems nothing too exciting has happened? 1.  I’ve been fighting a poor internet connection for over a month now (more frustrating than exciting!) and this week it finally seems to be ‘fixed’.  There were adjustments […]

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Thankful Thursday – July 21, 2016

Oh my goodness today is so HUMID!  But no complaints this Thankful Thursday from me becos I remember what the winter is like here!  I’ll save my complaints for then.  Today I’m thankful that the sun is shining 🙂 1.  It’s been a ho-hum week with just a few highlights.  So this is a shortie […]

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Thankful Thursday – August 21, 2014

OMG, this week has been a blur.  Sometimes I feel like I’m losing it.  Let’s just get to the Thankful Thursday blog post for this week, shall we? 1.  I came home one day after work and the landlord had painted this old farmhouse!  Now it’s all white.  Looks pretty cool.   2. I can’t […]

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I couldn't find my cucumbers

I Couldn’t Find My Cucumbers

I couldn’t find my cucumbers.  Can you guess why?  This is what happens when the weather is hot and cold, wet and dry. We get rain, then it gets really dry and then rain again. That kind of weather makes for fertile ground to grow weeds and grass.  Throw in “no time” to tend the […]

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Wanda Einfeldt’s Last Empty Nester Harvest

I was going thru my photos and getting ideas of what I could post about.  I found this photo of my last vegetable garden harvest from December which must have gotten lost in the holiday shuffle.  So I’m calling it my last empty nester harvest. We had a variety of sweet potatoes this year – […]

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