Week 4 of my Holiday Fitness Journey ended and I’m a bit disappointed in myself.  Yep, it’s getting ugly!  I had a 2 pound GAIN from the week before. Hello! That means I’ve only lost 1 pound in 4 weeks.  But there is good news in the fact that I’ve lost a total of 4 inches in 4 weeks.  So that is exciting!  🙂  I went dancing that nite and weighed in the next day just to see if I burned a lot of calories the nite before (cos it felt like I did and it’s happened before) and guess what?  The scale showed the 2 pounds gone.  This must mean I’m still yo-yoing which isn’t very comforting either.  🙁  I worked out with Leandro Carvalho and did his Brazil Butt Lift workouts.  There are a couple exercises in the program that really gives ya the ouchies.  He works different angles of your ‘bum bum’ so I understand why I get DOMS every time!  #luvit

I did manage to eat more fruit this past week and at our huge Thankxgiving Family Potluck, I controlled my portions and wasn’t even close to stuffing myself!  I applied my own staying on track tips to this holiday and it’s amazing how when you put in the effort, it works!!

I intend to come back with good news on my next post!

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