I couldn’t find my cucumbers.  Can you guess why? I couldn't find my cucumbers

This is what happens when the weather is hot and cold, wet and dry. We get rain, then it gets really dry and then rain again. That kind of weather makes for fertile ground to grow weeds and grass.  Throw in “no time” to tend the gardens becos I have to work some days and have to catch up on the weekends to all the other things that I have to put by the wayside.  When my schedule slowed down just a little and freed some time for me, I decided to tackle the gardens and make it look like a decent one lol  This is how a vegetable garden should look…nice clean rows without weeds 🙂

I couldn't find my cucumbers

Clean rows of kale, lettuces and broccoli


I couldn't find my cucumbers

Peas, carrots, cilantro, kale








We have four plots instead of just three this year becos as I mentioned in my garden workout vlog, vegetables are healthy for you and we love to eat them all.

It did take a few hours each time to shovel and trowel my way out of the weeds and unwanted grass, but I loved it becos I got to burn a lot of calories exercising different muscles than I normally do when I’m working out with one of my fitness dvds.  Thankx to my dedication to working out 5 to 6 times a week, I do not hurt after hours of weeding – except when I overdo and don’t stop when I know I should!

So here is the finished product.

I couldn't find my cucumbers

And guess what I found?

I couldn't find my cucumbers

I knew they were there! 🙂

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  1. Practical Social Media University August 15, 2013 at 9:36 am #

    Wow what an achievement! Now you can have fresh veggies all the time…

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