I started my refocused fitness journey a couple days before I actually came up with the idea to blog about it.  The first day was two days after we got home from our mini road trip.  Since I hadn’t done my regular dvd workouts for 5 days, I was a bit slow moving doing it.  But I was focused!  So….this is me starting out my holiday fitness journey —->>>>  First, I paid attention to the moves of each of the workouts I did from ChaLEAN Extreme, Turbo Fire and Turbo Jam.  I made a special effort to listen to Chalene, visualize what she was saying and did them like someone was watching me.  Pretend that and it will definitely make you form better!  I was pretty sore the first 3 days of this new focused way of working out.  I found that one of the keys is to visualize in my mind what exactly my body was doing and where I want that part to be eventually.  For example, I hold my abs in tighter longer now whereas I used to just do it long enough to complete the move most of the time.  And I concentrate on my thigh movements and the position of my butt as I squat and not just bounce up and down on my knees!

As far as eating clean(er), it’s taking a little while to get with the program.  This has always been my challenge area.  I keep a journal of what I eat and post it here.  I did manage to cut my portions so that I’m not OVEReating and I am eating a bit more fruit than I had been.  I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to eat more fruit.  Growing up in Hawaii, I ate fruit every day!  I suspect it’s becos the fruit here in Iowa is not the same as in Hawaii so I tend to not eat it as much. Quick story – when I first came to the mainland from Hawaii to attend college in Washington state, I went home with one of my roommates for Thankxgiving break.  The first morning at breakfast, her mom served cantaloupe – all cut up and nice looking in a bowl.  To me,  just 3 months being away from my Maui home, it looked like papaya.  I grabbed a chunk and bit into it.  Surprise!  It wasn’t papaya!!!!  Not even close to the sweetness and texture.  I thought I was gonna barf.  I think that episode scarred me lol  I do realize in my head that it’s a very healthy thing to have several helpings of fruit daily and I need to get my act in gear.  Veggies on the other hand come very easily and it’s in my diet almost daily.  We grow a variety of veggies in our gardens in the spring and summer and my little steamer gets a lot of use!  #luvveggies

To be continued…


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