So who would have thought that December temperatures would be so mild? I took a couple pictures today while out for a walk.  I choose to stay cooped up inside when it’s so cold outside but needed some fresh air.  This is what I found in my driveway.

A Ray of Winter Sunshine

A Ray of Winter Sunshine


Yep, these are dandelions!  Just a ray of winter sunshine where I didn’t expect to see it.  I sometimes pity the plants around here – they don’t know whether to give it up or keep on growing becos the temps see-saw up and down so much.  Not that I’m complaining about it. I prefer mild weather and temps.

I’m not originally from Iowa and when I first was engaged to my (now) husband, he said we’d have a year-long engagement so I could experience the Iowa winter. Well, that year the snow arrived on the ground the day after Thankxgiving and did not leave until the end of April. And I don’t mean that it came and went in between weeks. It STAYED on the ground (and even multiplied!) where it was white the whole time. Born and raised in Hawaii and living in Seattle for years where it hardly snowed in the winter, this was a true test for which I obviously passed cos I still live here. 🙂

You know what they say about Iowa weather?  Just wait, and it’ll change.  😉

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