How has your week been?  I hope it was more exciting than mine was.  lol  I don’t have too many highlights for this week’s Thankful Thursday blog post.  Seems like work, eat, sleep and catch up was all I was doing.

1.  I did get to go to our son’s water ski show on Sunday after work.  They do a great job – our son, his wife and two sons.  Also a niece, her husband and their 4 children are all involved.  I admire them becos I’m SO not a water person!

2. After the show, we went to grab a quick bite with our baby girl and son in law (we left the river at 8 p.m. and got lost due to unfamiliar places and detours in Illinois).  After enjoying a late hamburger and great visit with the kids, when we got home, I slept like a baby; but I was still tired at work on Monday!

3.  We have been slowly decluttering in preparation for a possible house move in the next year.  Mister suggested, but I hadn’t quite done the homework to put an old car I own on Craig’s list.  But it will soon be gone anyway cos a neighbor kid stopped by and inquired about it.  He drives by all the time and has been looking for an old car to remodel.  Guess he wanted a ‘project’ to work on and we had the goods 🙂  I wonder if I should ask the Universe for a million dollars?  Anyway, even tho I haven’t driven my little MG Midget for over 23 years, I will miss it as it was one of the major purchases I made while living as a single mom in Seattle 🙁

On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

4.  Just wanted to note that I can now get through my PiYo Core workout without wanting to barf.  But I did another one called PiYo Drench and I had to stop about 4 times in that 45 minute workout.  Wowsers!  #newchallenge

5.  Ive made two more batches of salsa over the last week.  We just love that stuff and go through it like crazy!  I also stuffed the huge red peppers and we had them for supper one nite and now have leftovers for lunches.

Thankful Thursday



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