Last week’s Happy December beginnings turned pretty sour after 7 days.  But the happenings of the past week has made me grateful this Thankful Thursday.  Grateful for my family, my health and all my Blessings.  Mostly to be able to celebrate the Baby Jesus this month.

1.  It’s the time of the month where working my two jobs takes over my life.  I thought I was going to be able to get it all done in two days, but one lawyer wasn’t ready with his work, so I had to go in today.  The positive was that I got to get some shopping done in the afternoon on three days after work 🙂

2.  Traveler tidbit:  An interesting charac…uh, traveler named Arthur noticed, then commented on my nails which I had just done the nite before.  I decided to try this new method so my nails would look fake – like it had been done at a salon.  (topic for another blog post) lol  So he showed me his and said he does his too but today they only had a clear coat on them.  And they did.

Thankful Thursday

3.  The lowlight of the week was when I got word that one of our part-time coworkers was bleeding from her brain and on life support.  We are in shock and it doesn’t sound like there will be a recovery to her old self.  I am devastated and feel so bad for her family.  The mood at work has been very somber to say the least.


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

4.  I managed to work out a few times this week with CIZE and Shaun T, a power walk with Kathy Smith, and an outdoor walk with Mister.  The cold itself helped burn calories on that particular freezing day!

5.  Mister beat me home from work one day and started dinner.  We haven’t had this since I cut back on using canned and marinated meats.  But it was soooo good 🙂  It’s a can of corn beef, a small head of cabbage and half an onion stir fried in olive oil and seasoned with a little garlic powder and ground black pepper.  Delicioso 😀

Thankful Thursday Image 2




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2 Responses to “Thankful Thursday – December 10, 2015”

  1. Emily December 17, 2015 at 5:33 am #

    Sad and happy at the same time! Life!

    • Wanda Einfeldt December 22, 2015 at 5:05 pm #

      You got that right!

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