It’s time to share what I’m grateful for this week..highlights and not so happy things.  Yep, time for my Thankful Thursday post.

1.  Mister had his work Christmas party over the weekend.  It was scaled down from previous years….no company customers, no live band, the food was not catered, etc.  And it was actually enjoyable…cozy and intimate…just a potluck for the employees and their families.  It allowed us to get to know one another better and I believe we all had a good time.  I also got introduced to Rum Chata.  Oh yea!!

2.  The next day, after visiting my in-laws at the nursing home, we went out to eat at one of the town’s restaurants which has become one of my favorite places.  The food is great there and it was just cool to spend time with Mister – like on a date 😉

3.  I worked at my part-time job and turned in my papers for employment with the law firm.  By this time next month, I will be a permanent employee there.  Afterwards as I usually do when I only work for several hours there, I went to get groceries on my way home.  I picked up a couple bottles of booze (one of them Rum Chata) and the clerk actually carded me.  What?  I’m more than twice over the legal age!  But oh well….she did make my day haha

4.  So Mom has her surgery to remove some tumors tomorrow.  I’m still asking for prayers for her.  I know God will handle this in the way it’s supposed to be.  Mom said she prayed that my Daddy could also hold her hand while she’s in the OR.  I’m sure he will.  🙂


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

5.  I’ve improved getting my workouts done and hope to remain on track.  I’m still doing the  30/30/30 Fitness Challenge by myself and haven’t felt like a slug at all.  Go me!  I only have a couple more PiYo workouts to get through so I can say I’m done.  Then I plan to incorporate them into my workouts where I do something from my Beachbody dvd library.  #varietyisthespiceoflife and #itkeepsawaytheboredom

6. I’m happy to say that I’ve cut back on my rice and noodles where I’m not eating it every day…and when I do, eating less – aka portion control.  Since I hadn’t made stir fry for awhile, I decided to the other nite with pork steak and veggies.  I sauteed some zucchini, onions and broccoli, then the pork pieces.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


Here’s the finished product and fried rice I made with some leftover jasmine rice and coconut oil 🙂

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


Ok, I’m signing off as we are going to go see my mother in law at the nursing home.  It’s her birthday today.


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