How’s everyone’s week going? I thought I just posted for Thankful Thursday.  I CANNOT believe how my time just disappears!  I guess I should know by now that this is just the nature of the season.   I wish winter would seem like that!  Too much to ask?

1.  I finally got my “to mail out” Christmas boxes ready and mailed.  And I’ve started working on my Christmas cards.  WOOHOO!

2.  This week’s traveler tidbit involves 2 young guys named John and Jeff who were totally hitting on me while I tried to provide them the information they requested  lol  When I informed them that they were younger than my son, and told them how old I was, both their jaws dropped.  It was pretty funny.  They were a bit embarrassed but we had a bit of a laugh about it 🙂

3.  New experience for me – I got to FaceTime for the first time on my iPhone.  It’s what I imagine Skype is like (I’ve never done that either) and it was pretty fun.  Not sure it’s a necessary thing for me, but will be fun to do every now and then.

4.  Ok, the bad news of the week – my co-worker with the bleeding on her brain passed away.  They decided to take her off life support and everyone is so devastated still about it all.  I’m not sure how long I will remain in shock.


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

5.  I got 4 workouts in this past week – as I should!  Did a CIZE dance routine, kickboxed with Les Mills’ gang, danced for an hour to my CD’s, and sculpted with Chalean Johnson.  I like variety 🙂

6.  I bought a Thai Peanut Noodle kit for supper one nite.  It was so easy to make.  I used zucchini instead of bean sprouts for my vegetable cos I had an abundance of it, and a half package of shrimp (so it would be used) for the meat.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday




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