Exactly one week to Christmas.  Then Jesus will be born again 🙂  It’ll be time for opening presents and the countdown will begin again.  lol  What a cycle!   For now, in this shorter (weekly) cycle, it’s time for a Thankful Thursday post sharing my gratitude for my blessings.

1.  We rushed to the nursing home last Thursday after Mister got home from work so we could get there before Mom went to bed.  She was wide awake and at one point, Mister asked her if she knew how old she is now and she looked up and shook her head.  We were tickled!  Keep in mind, 99% of the time she doesn’t acknowledge us or speak so we were all excited that she responded.  She will respond to touch so I held her hands while talking to her.  She seems to always like that.

2.  My Mom’s surgery was a success as far as getting the tumors out as planned.  She came out feeling as good as anyone can coming out of surgery and is doing well.  It’s been a waiting game for the results whether they are malignant or not and she will find this out today.  I’m still praying for the best outcome of course, and I want to thank you all who prayed for her.

3.  This year has been really different work-wise for Mister.  He’s had to work a couple Sundays where they’ve never done that before.  He had to do it last Sunday.  They actually worked till midnite Saturday, then went back in at 7 on Sunday and worked almost a full day.  🙁  When he started working Saturdays I was really upset and now this.  But I’ve had to stop, breathe long and hard, and look at it from his point of view.  He usually gets laid off during the winter months so he says he has to work when there’s work.  I agree and so I am grateful that he is willing and able to work.

4.  I am done wrapping all my Christmas gifts…WAHOO – except for Mister’s.  I focused on it on my first of 3 days off this week and got er done for our family Christmas exchange on Sunday.  Now I just have to decorate a little and send out a few Christmas cards.  Tis the season to be joyful and I am!!  😀

Thankful Thursday

On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

5.  I finally finished my round of PiYo.  It only took me a few months to do a 60 day round lol  I like it enough – good for body strengthening and stretching, but I am excited to get back to my more cardio-type workouts.  I’m going back to my Beachbody library and its variety.

6.  After visiting Mister’s Mom on her birthday last week, we stopped by our favorite restaurant in that town for dinner and I didn’t have my usual.  I had soup and an appetizer.  It was filling enough and enjoyable.  Yep, that’s me controlling portions 🙂



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