Happy Thankful Thursday post.  And Merry Christmas to ya’ll.  Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian style)!!

1.  Since I usually do my posts in chronological order of the week, I’m afraid I must start with the phone call I received from my Mom telling me that the tumors that were removed are malignant.  She may be having a second surgery after the holidays to remove one more that was not seen the first time becos it was hidden.

2.  Our baby girl and I, along with her dad and our son in law chose to have our annual birthday celebration on Friday at a restaurant that her dad hadn’t been to but the rest of us had.  It’s kind of a fusion place that combines Hawaiian, Jamaican and Mexican dishes.  We had a good time and closed the place down 😉  This was the first time ever that we did not celebrate on one of our exact birth dates.  Her husband’s work party fell on her birthday and our extended family Christmas gathering was on mine.

I however received many cards, phone calls, texts, tweets, private Facebook messages, face to face greetings and wonderful hugs that made me feel special.

3.  So after Santa was done with all the kids’ gifts at our Christmas party, my husband announced that we had several December birthdays in the house, but that it was my actual birthday.  He suggested that I might want to sit on Santa’s lap while we sang Happy Birthday to all the December birthday celebrants.  I was NOT expecting that, but I was cooperative lol

Thankful Thursday

After we had cleaned up the hall and everyone left, we did our own little family Christmas with our kids and grandkids.  It was a great time!


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

4.  It’s felt sooo invigorating to do my heart pumping workouts again!  Managed to do Les Mills Combat (I love kickboxing!) and Turbo Fire this week.

5.  I’m still keeping my portions under control and the (sweet) holiday temptations at bay.


We did not have a white Christmas today.  It doesn’t look as pretty, but I don’t mind not having it white.  That is all.

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