So have ya’ll been having an awesome productive week?  It’s time to share my Thankful Thursday post and I’ve been up and down, but mostly up so it’s still good 🙂

1.  Mister and I both had the day after Thankxgiving off so we decided to go shopping in the city – to the Asian grocery stores specifically and have lunch.  We had some time to kill afterwards so went shopping at the mall.  Felt good to walk the mall end to end and to sit and people-watch.  We used to do that when we lived in Seattle and wanted some free entertainment.  Truth be told, it was just a great feeling to spend time off together doing nothing stressful 🙂

2. My packages have been arriving so I wrapped all the Christmas gifts that I had to send out of state and got them mailed today.  Go me!  Now all I have to do is wrap the gifts for my local friends and family and get my Christmas decorations out and ENJOY!  I really like being ahead of the game!  #Christmasismyfavoriteholiday

Thankful Thursday

3.  Well, I went to my part-time job earlier this week and was offered to be employed by them instead of going thru the Temp Agency.  I will be making more money and that is a plus.  Everything will be the same except that I will get my paycheck from them instead of the Agency.  Woot!  Thank you, Jesus.

4. One last note – not so much a highlight, but it’s part of my life!  My Mom’s cancer came back and so I’m asking anyone reading this to please keep her in your prayers.   Her name is Betty and she is not worried about it.  Her surgery is in a week and a half.  I know prayer works so I thank you in advance for any positive, healing thoughts you can send her way 🙂


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

5.  The November challenge that I joined has ended but I am going to continue to do the 30/30/30 Fitness Challenge.  This way if I’m still a slug at getting my regular Beachbody workouts in, I’ll still be doing “something” fitness.

6. I have decided to cut way back on grains and sweet stuff.  I have been eating way more rice and rice products lately and that has been a detriment to my hips 🙁   Not eating holiday treats won’t be so difficult, but I do love my rice and noodles – it’s an Asian thing I guess.  But I can and I WILL do this!


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