It’s Thankful Thursday again and I’m still feeling blessed to be blogging from Maui.  We’ve been on the go and definitely not sitting idle lol

1.  I’ve been able to see more extended family while out and about and it’s so fun to catch up!  But I wonder why everyone is looking older????  (I don’t feel it!)

2.  Our youngest daughter and her husband arrived on the weekend and we’ve been showing our son-in-law around as he’s never been to my home state.  He’s a trooper and has tried different foods and hasn’t found too many things to be “inedible” or “gross”, so that’s good 🙂  We’re all getting our tans on!  Some of us actually are looking like close cousins to a lobster 😀

3.  Ok, so I’ve been a little (actually a LOT) frustrated with all the new stuff here – lots of buildings and roads/highways especially – that have made it difficult for me to find my way around.  I don’t feel that Maui No Ka Oi (“Maui is the best”) thing anymore.  And I’m not sure I will tell people that from here on out becos in my heart I don’t feel it.  🙁  This is my lowlight for the week.  Sorry.

4.  I’ve been able to help my mom (who is 85) to learn her cell phone better, her computer and new tablet.  It’s a different OS than I’m used to so it’s been a learning experience for me too.  We’re never too old to learn!


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

I still haven’t done any formal dvd workouts but have been walking tons almost daily instead.  We’ve walked several beaches and malls, and around my Mom’s neighborhood.  This is what’s helping with my tan.  It was in the high 70’s when we first got here and low to middle 80’s since.  This week and last, we played on the beaches close to home in the central area of the island on the north shores.  It’s been rough and windy there.  I heard they had to cancel a surfing contest cos the waves were 50 foot high!  We will drive to the west and south shores next week where it should be calmer and hopefully I can get some swim time in the Pacific Ocean.

I have covered the bases as far as getting the grinds I’ve wanted to eat but I have to slow down a bit cos this second week, I feel I’ve gained a pound or two.  Or maybe I should stick to eating just papayas and pipipis the rest of the time instead of all the Asian foods I’ve been chowing down lol  Nah, I don’t get this “real” Asian stuff in Iowa.  I HAVE been eating a half of a papaya for breakfast every morning!  After all, they don’t grow these kinds of papayas anywhere else…plus it’s good for ya!

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday




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