Hi, I’m back to posting Thankful Thursday from home again!  Usually I try to post this on Thursday, but since yesterday was a travel day, I didn’t get it done.  But I’m here now on Friday.

1.  We made it home from our nearly three-week vacation to Maui this morning and I must admit I have mixed feelings.  The most obvious reason is the weather.  From 80F to 50F in 12 hours.  Which would you prefer?  I miss home every time I leave my island; yet it feels good to be back in my normal world.  I have a couple days to catch up to the jet lag before heading back to work.  Thank God!  It does feel a little funny to be back in the cold considering I was in my bikini, a wrap and slippahs yesterday!

2.  The past week was filled with fun quality time with our family.  It’s a family tradition to have a mini reunion at a restaurant when one of us comes home to visit.  So this time about 25 of us gathered and shared lots of ono grinds and tons of laughter!

3.  We spent a couple afternoons at one of our favorite beaches called Big Beach.  One of my goals when I go home always, is to get a tan.  Two days at Big Beach accomplished that.   One day we left at this point…

Thankful Thursday

4.  I gave in a little bit more to playing tourist and utilizing maps to find my way around.  I still don’t like it, but it alleviated my frustration.  I am hoping that I will remember how I got around this time for the next trip.  But on second thought, they will probably have more new roads for me to get lost on.  🙁


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

We made it to the southwest part of the island this week.  Liked it so much we went back 🙂  It’s a gorgeous sandy beach and the water was just wonderful! This is the hotter side of the island and it wasn’t windy and cold like the north shore.   Check out where we walked to the cove and back – it’s quite a “hike”, especially in the soft sand.  With all the walking I did, I had non-stop doms for several days.  #loveit

Thankful Thursday

Thankul Thursday


I weighed in when I got home today and showed a gain of 4 pounds which will not be too difficult to get rid of once I get some groceries and get back into my eating routine.  Just think, it would have been worse if I had not walked or swam as much as I did!




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