This week has been about as exciting as last week.  I’m still waiting for the deep freeze to go away and for Spring to get here.  Let’s move on to the few highlights for this week’s Thankful Thursday.

1.  Did you all see the Valentine’s Day full moon on Friday?  I headed east to go home after work and it was so big and bright and beautiful.  It seemed as though it was right in front of me and I felt like I could have touched it if I would have just reached out.  I would have taken a picture if I hadn’t been busy driving.

2.  Speaking of driving….I’m now driving home in almost daylight when I get off at 6!  It feels so good to drive home stress free and not in total darkness.  Soon it’ll be in total daylight!  I’m doing the happy dance 🙂

3.  I wasn’t doing the happy dance in our last snowstorm.  It was my day off and we had to run some errands in town.  After we were done, we headed home and upon turning onto our gravel road realized we were not going to get home from the west becos it had snowed 6 inches in 2 hours.  We had only gone about 20 feet so proceeded to reverse back onto the blacktop.  Well, that didn’t happen becos my husband backed up partially in the ditch and we got stuck!  He dug the snow out from around the tire by hand and after several attempts of pushing and trying to drive forward, we got out.  We had to drive back into town and across it to get on the other side and drove home from the east.  If it had snowed even a little bit more, we wouldn’t have made it thru that road either.  Did I mention I am not a fan of winter?  Grrrr!

4.  On a weather-related note, we had 2 days of plus 50 degree weather and 1 day of rain and thunderstorms.  What the heck?  That brought on quite a bit of melting snow so the fields are flooded.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


5.  I should be purchasing our bridesmaids’ dresses within the next week and a half.  Then it’ll be time to shop for shoes. We are wearing navy blue dresses and silver shoes and jewelry.  It’s gonna look so cool!  #excited

6.  I’m still working on taxes.  I really can’t wait till this is over and I’m on to the next, “more fun” task.

Stay warm.  Stay dry.  Stay happy!


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