So my first Thankful Thursday post of this new month is also the first one of the New year.  WOW!  That’s all I can say.  It still amazes me how time just seems to pass by faster and faster!

1. I had my annual eye exam this week and everything went well. I didn’t expect it to be anything but that.  I’ve been taking Omega-3 and Bilberry with lutein supplements over the last year becos at my last visit, the doctor said that I have the beginnings of cataracts.  She said that everyone will get them, just at different degrees and unfortunately, I may need to have surgery at some point to remove them.  I don’t like surgery.

Thankful Thursday

2.  The biggest highlight of the week happened on Saturday when the temperature shot up to 42 in my area.  I worked that day and watched the snow melt ALL day long!  That definitely made my 10 hours go by very quickly and also made me smile all day!  😀

3.  I’m not sure if I would call this a highlight, but it happened.  I’ll call it an enlightening moment.  I went to the store  to return some Christmas gifts.  When I walked in, the door alarm went off. What?  I’ve had it go off a few times when I’ve walked OUT of a store, but never into one lol I told the Customer Service guy what happened but he didn’t seem too alarmed and asked me if I had just bought something new like a purse or shoes, or shirt.  I thought about all the things I was wearing, etc. and nothing except a magnet bracelet was fairly new….oh, and my leggings.   So he said not to worry about it.  Again, what?  Ok, so I purchase a few things and head out the door.  The alarm goes off again.  Are you kidding me?  So another clerk who I know comes over and starts teasing me about setting off the alarm.  I told her it did it when I came in too.  So she asked me the same questions as the guy but also says I must have a little tag in one of my clothing that I need to find and cut off or I’ll keep setting alarms off.  She says it’s a white tag with a picture of a scissors on it.  Well, who would have thought?  I never heard of such a thing.  Have you?  I came home and found the culprit and cut it off.  The ironic thing is, this is the same store I had bought this sweater at.  And how did I get it out of the store in the first place????

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


4.  Today I am thankful that my husband is on seasonal layoff becos I had to work…well, not becos I had to work!  We live in the country and I believe due to the lay of the land, our gravel road drifts badly when the wind blows the snow around.  We have been snowed in in previous years.  I had to work today so he shoveled our lane then drove down the road and into town to see how the roads were to make sure I could get out.  He’s such a gem 🙂

5.  I am still feeling blessed that my husband is taking time to cook our supper so that it’s ready when I get home from work.  I like to cook and all, but I enjoy eating what he cooks – different dishes than I do!  Tonight we had pork roast, salad and a wild rice medley.  Yummo!

Thankful Thursday

Enjoy the rest of the first week of 2014 🙂


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