Today is another sunny Thankful Thursday and I’m smiling big time.  PLUS!  I have two days off from work before working my 3-day weekend.

1.  Mister hasn’t been working due to cold weather although he isn’t officially laid off for the winter yet.  Anyway, I had the weekend off and he had to go to the dentist on Saturday.  Our son-in-law who works a few hours one Saturday a month is our dentist so we scored a visit with our kids and then all went out to lunch afterwards.

2.  Traveler tidbit of the week:  This happened in the Rest Area, not in the Center where I work, but a traveler asked an attendant to call 911 becos he couldn’t breathe.  An ambulance eventually came and checked him out.  Guess he’s had breathing problems before so they took him to the hospital.  So even tho I wasn’t bored for a couple hours, I think that’s some scary stuff and I’d rather be bored than have to watch that any day.

3.  A friend and her daughter stopped in on their way to the city.  It was great to see them – even if only for a few minutes.  It’s so quiet around the Center lately, I welcome anyone who walks through the door.  Well, I do that anyway – and with a smile – but I especially welcome visits with my friends and family!

4.  This might be trivial for some of you, but it was a big deal to me.  Our printer at home went on the blink so I got a new one and hooked it up all by myself.  Hooking it up wasn’t a difficult thing – getting it coordinated and working with my laptops was the scary part but I got er done with no trouble.  Whew!


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

5.  I’ve been doing power walks and cleaning and decluttering for my “workouts” this past week.  Cleaning is not my favorite thing to do, but it’s gotta be done and there’s only just so much time to do it.   May as well do it vigorously and count it as calorie-burn, right?

6.  Since Mister has been off work he’s been cooking supper here and there again.  I always enjoy his cooking – something different plus I don’t have to do it.  #winwin  Here’s a photo of the delicious homemade ham soup he made one nite.

Thankful Thursday




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