Time for another Thankful Thursday post already???  Let’s not get started on how time is gonna fly so quickly this year!  How was your New Year’s?  Safe and happy I hope!

1.  I had wanted to go to a New Year’s Eve party we were invited to, but went to a last minute Christmas party the nite before, so that was enough partying for one week for us. lol  So we watched Netflix and was asleep by 11:30.  Such fun party people that we are 🙂  We actually partied with our family on the 2nd (our family Christmas).  Visited with each other, stuffed our bellies (some of us did; not I), exchanged gifts, played games and just had a lot of FUN!  I love days like that!

2.  Ok, so one of the automatic sliding doors at work has been broken for a few weeks.  We’ve left it opened for the most part but one day this week I came in and one of the Maintenance attendants had put up a sign that read:  PLEASE SLIDE DOORS TO OPEN AND SHUT – becos the temperatures have been really cold and they didn’t want the doors standing open.  It was fun to watch people react in various ways to it.  Most of them I’m happy to say adjusted and followed instructions very well.  But wow!  Some people you’d think they don’t know how to read!  Or were so technology oriented that after waving at the door sensors to open, they actually turned around and went to another entrance at the other end of the building!!!  Incredibly unbelievable! – and free entertainment for me lol  (I did actually go and open the door for a few people)

3.  Today I had to work at my part-time job which took about 3 hours to do, then I went grocery shopping and ran errands to return/exchange a couple gifts.  I took a watch in to get a few links taken out.  The gal struggled to get them apart, then couldn’t put it back together (found out this is common for this brand), so I chose another brand and she was able to adjust the band quickly and easily.  I like my replacement —–>>>

Thankful Thursday



On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

4.  I committed to a 30-day challenge of doing at least 10 minutes a day of exercise…especially on the days that I work.  So I’ve been doing power walks at work or Rockin’ Body Hard Core Abs.  I was able to sneak in a Turbo Fire Tone for toning too this week.  Yay me!

5.  Here’s a photo of one of my favorite winter time dishes that I made for dinner one nite this week – Pork and Peas.  I had some sweet peppers to use up so diced some of it and boy, it sure added to the tastiness of the dish.  Yay!  I luv being creative 🙂

Thankful Thursday




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