My first week of highlights for Thankful Thursday is now in the books!  Time is marching on!

1.  My daughter’s in law and my youngest daughter’s birthday is in December, as is mine.  My second daughter’s birthday is in February.  We were going to have an overnite Girls Nite Out to celebrate all our birthdays last weekend in a fancy shmancy hotel in the city.  But the very very bad weather put an end to that!  Instead, I got to snuggle with my honey that nite and I was happy about that 🙂

2.  The day after our cancelled postponed outing, it looked like our gravel road was going to be drifted shut with the high winds blowing the snow around on our road.  I was not looking forward to going to work the day after that!  Those who know me, know that I do not like winter!  Anyway, a few hours later I received a text that the work at the lawyer firm wasn’t ready for me so I didn’t have to go in.  Score!  Another easy day off in the warmth of my home 🙂

3.  I was so elated to have a day off, I decided to tackle a long overdue project –  namely, mending my husband’s work jeans – 6 of them! It sure felt good getting that off my To Do List!

4.  Another thing I was able to engross myself in was handcrafting greeting cards!  This is a hobby and a stress reliever for me….not to mention saving money on all the cards I give & send to family and friends 🙂 (I have a LARGE family)

Thankful Thursday

5.  This isn’t a highlight, but it is part of life.  I was notified of the death of an uncle in Hawaii.  I don’t have all the details, but the story is that he fell and broke his hip, had surgery and therapy and was back home only a week when he died.  He was 93 and this has made me think more about life and death this week.

6.  Last, but not least for this week is an a-ha moment.  I’ve been wearing those leggings that is in style now becos they are warm and comfortable.  Well, the ones that have pockets (like jeans or slacks) that I just purchased in the fall are snug on me.  🙁 I had to wear a skirt to work yesterday and my plain leggings today.  I must confess that I didn’t take my own advice on preventing holiday weight gain. *sad face*  It is time to get back on track.

Stay warm!


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