Ohmygosh, the weather has simply been crazy this last Thankful Thursday week.  We’ve had thunderstorms, humid thick air, and cloudy cool days. #weathermashup

1.  I had family visitors while working the weekend.  First Mister stopped by on his way to the nursing home on his birthday.  Within the hour, our baby girl and her husband stopped by on their way to the city where they went to college/grad/dental school to relive ‘old times’.  The visits put a little bit more of a kick in my step after that.  Then I took Mister out for supper for his birthday and the kids came by for a bit to say “hey” to him.

2.  I have a few more flower photos to share – some cone flowers popped up in different parts of our yard.  They’re more colorful than in the pictures.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


3.  Finally had a chance to deliver the baby blanket to my friend’s newborn granddaughter.  She’s so tiny – 8 pounds at the moment and a doll!  I love babies, but am glad I’m done having them lol



On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

5. I did #mymowingworkout this week again.  Logged in 80 minutes and burned some serious calories 🙂  On the other days I power walked with Kathy Smith and her gang of four.

6.  We don’t have a vegetable garden this year, but I still wanted some homemade salsa so I bought the produce at the store and made up a batch 🙂  P.S. It’s all gone now (of course lol)!

Thankful Thursday



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