Well, I can truthfully say the week didn’t go by fast enough!  The only thing that I’m really thankful for in this Thankful Thursday post is that I made it through without totally doing or saying anything that I regret.  May this coming week be way better!

1.  My husband’s birthday was on Friday.  Let’s just say he celebrated with his work buddies and I was not too happy about the outcome.  You’ll have to use your imagination as I don’t want to be totally negative in this post 🙁  That threw me over the next several days into a time warp I never want to live again.

2. It was a blessing that I had to work the weekend – aka Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Granted I wasn’t 100% my best there but it felt better than being sad and upset at home….or around a person I was upset with  🙁

3.  Then I had 3 days off and one of my daughters invited me to go to the city to have lunch and do some shopping.  I was still feeling ‘funky’ but I opted to go – 1. to do something different than the usual —-> just staying at home catching up and 2.  I needed some stuff at the Asian store.  It was a good day and after that I started to get out of my funk!

On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

4.  Since I wasn’t feeling my usual chipper self, I chose not to work out the days I was working at my job.  I came home in a funk and that’s where I stayed.  But I did do a PiYo workout before meeting up with my daughter to ride to the city on Tuesday and yesterday I started to do one.  I was still in the warm up section when I pulled a muscle in my back that has me not moving very fast and in awful pain.  I’m sad and I’m mad at myself for holding all that negative in for too many days.  I know better than to do that, but I’m also stubborn.  And this is my karma.

5.  Here is one of the items I wanted to buy at the Asian store – it’s called kimchee.  It’s made of chinese cabbage, long radish, green onion and very hot spices.  I eat it with white rice to tone down the hotness.  I will take it to work…it helps me eat less 🙂

Thankful Thursday


Let’s all have an awesome week!



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  1. imustloseit1 August 2, 2014 at 4:33 pm #

    Thanks for the info.

    • wanaka August 5, 2014 at 1:21 am #

      You’re very welcome, Linda! Anytime. Thankx for stopping by 🙂

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