Hello peeps!  It’s time for another ‘come-so-quickly Thankful Thursday post’.  We’re still having some wickedly humid weather.  I’m so glad I’m in air conditioning at work!  And I’m running up our electric bill at home with the fans running a LOT!

1.  Last Saturday I couldn’t sleep so I got out of bed and decided to check out the live stream of an annual fitness conference I wasn’t attending and did the live workout for an hour.   That was pretty energizing!  The thing is I had gotten out of the habit of doing a morning workout as soon as I wake up and this made me want to start doing a.m. workouts again.

2.  I got to see some friends and family this week at work.  As I was walking to the bulding I noticed this guy get out of this work truck and thought he sure looked like my grandson…and it was!  I just didn’t recognize his company truck.  We had a very nice visit for almost 10 minutes before I had to get into the building and open up the Center.  The next day, a friend and his son who live in town stopped by on their way to  the city to visit family.  I live in the country so don’t get to see many people often – we hadn’t seen each other in at least a year.  It was nice to catch up a bit.  The day after that, after my dental appointment, I had lunch with my baby girl and son-in-law (the dentist).  Happy times.

3.  The coneflowers from last week has multiplied so I couldn’t resist snapping a couple pics to post here.  I love flowers!  And the wildflowers are the easiest to keep 🙂

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

4.  I started a Facebook Accountability group at the request of a friend who needed a support group.  If you would like to join, check it out here.  Besides my power walks at home and a 3-hour walk shopping at the mall after lunch in the city this week, I got to do #mymowingworkout again 🙂  Mister did 4 hours and I did 2 so together we got the whole thing done in one afternoon!



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