“May this coming week be way better!”  Yep, that’s what I typed on last week’s Thankful Thursday post.  And this week has been better in some ways, but I wouldn’t say “way better”, by no means.  But it’s time for another Thankful Thursday post so here I am with my attitude of gratitude!

1.  I finally got to the point where I was feeling my usual self (before somebody’s drunk fest) by Friday.  And I was speaking to Mister again.  Super big highlight!  (I can’t stand when things aren’t right between us)

2. While retrieving my pay stub online, I received a notification that we were receiving a pay raise! Whoop!  Nice, cos I just got one at my 6 month evaluation a couple months ago.  The downer is it doesn’t even begin to cover the cost of living, but what the hey, it’s an increase 🙂

3.  I picked up a virus – I believe I got pharyngitis (self diagnosed) which left me with a sore throat – it was very hard to swallow, a runny nose that wouldn’t quit, small headache and slight body soreness.  It hit right before bed Sunday nite and needless to say I didn’t sleep much!  Monday was my day off so I struggled to get thru that day with not much accomplished.  I decided to take Tuesday off to rest and that helped a LOT.  I worked yesterday, and it felt good to be doing something.  Today I have a cough which is making my throat sore and my nose area is so red from all the blowing the last 3 1/2 days.  But it’s improving every day!

On The Fitness/Nutrition Front

4.  I kept taking hot baths to help ‘unpinch’ the nerve in my back and it worked!  That and some P90X Recovery Drink.  I attempted to do a PiYo workout yesterday and succeeded.  I was understandably moving a little slower than Chalene and the gang, but I did the whole workout without any mishaps. Score!

5.  Since I wasn’t feeling up to par this week, we had a couple nites of ‘take-out’ instead of home-cooked dinners.  It was all about convenience while still trying to eat healthy this week.  It’ll be better this coming week. (I’m claiming it!)


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