I just ate my third sweet, juicy mango this week.  This sets the stage for a wonderful Thankful Thursday post this day.  #gratefulforlifeandhealth The sun is shining and being alive feels so wonderful – even if I have to work tomorrow and Monday – this long Fourth of July holiday weekend  🙂

1.  I had my picture taken twice this week by travelers….just because.  haha  One gentleman was writing his second book (I still have to check out his first one) and another sweet guy couldn’t believe my age, I think.  I’m just glad it’s not paparazzi level!  Ha!  Just kidding around.  I actually was very flattered.

2.  We had another very big, bad Iowa thunderstorm this week.  I was a bit scared since there was a tornado watch with it in our county.  I was at work and the parking lot was filled to the brim with vehicles waiting it out.  And the Rest Area adjoining my work space accommodated quite a few travelers, including animals.  We didn’t experience the 80 mph winds that they said we were having (although what we witnessed was fast enough); but the next day in town, I did see several metal signs bent over…one was even perpendicular to the ground!  Mother Nature is incredible and I see why we don’t want to mess with her.

3.  So what did that mean to us, personally?  Our basements flooded!  There was over a foot of water in one of them and it took almost two hours to pump it out.  My husband was not a happy camper.  I was just too tired to even feel anything at that late hour we were working on them.  We live in an old rental farmhouse and are thinking it’s time to move.  Just sayin’.

On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

4.  I received my PiYo workout in the mail yesterday.   (Yes, Beachbody delivers that quickly!)  I did the first workout and I can see why this program will change a person’s shape.  Some of the moves are not easy, but there is a modifier so I will be following both and intend to shape my body.

Thankful Thursday


5.  I haven’t made stir fry in a while for supper so I made it for tonite’s consumption.  Yum!  I cooked the veggies in coconut oil – zucchini and sweet mini peppers – oh and 1 stalk of asparagus that popped up after the thunderstorm earlier this week lol  Then I cooked the meat – pork shoulder steak for this dish…

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


I seasoned it with sea salt, black pepper and garlic powder, threw it together in one pan and voila!  I cooked some brown sweet rice to go with and it’s gonna be a delicious dinner 🙂

Thankful Thursday



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