Happy Thankful Thursday day!  Is it just me or does your week fly by too fast anymore?  I have some travelers of the older set tell me that it’s been doing that every year since they were 18.  Makes me smile cos that means I’m in the ‘older set’….cos that’s exactly when time seemed to start going faster lol

1.  It’s been 1 1/2 weeks since I picked up this bug and it’s almost gone.  I just cough and have to blow my nose once in a while.  Guess who’s happy?  —> ME <—

2. While my baby girl and son in law were returning from Chicago on Friday she texted me to see what I was doing on my day off.  I had to get some groceries and shop for more work footwear.  So we met in the city and she took me to a shoe store I’d never been to where I scored with 4 pairs of comfy sandals for work 🙂  Then she took me to her new favorite restaurant for dinner where they served Hawaiian-style foodSuper highlight!

3.  I worked this past weekend.  Mister and his 94 year old aunt stopped by my work for a quick visit on their way to see my in-laws in the nursing home.  He got to drive her brand new car….highlight for him  🙂  She said she wished I could go along with them.  I sure was tempted!

4.  An 82 year old friend of mine called and we went to lunch this past week.  We hadn’t seen each other for several months – everyone’s so busy!  We went to our favorite Bistro in town for Taco Tuesday but the place sadly had closed!!!!  We were so disappointed.  So we went to another restaurant in town and had their Taco Tuesday – which wasn’t the same!  Aside from my own homemade tacos, those were the best ones I’ve ever had!!  Oh well, it was good seeing her and catching up anyway.

On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

5.  I’m doing PiYo workouts and it’s killing my whole body – aka making it stronger.  Seriously, Core is brutal.  It’s a 36 minute workout and twice now that I’ve done it, I get to 9 minutes left and I want to throw up.  What’s up with that?

6.  Mister went fishing on Sunday and caught a 3 pound channel catfish.  I cooked it for dinner and I’ll tell ya, we wished we had more!  We both love and enjoy eating fish and that baked dish was scrumptious.  Oh, and now that I’m not so sick, I’ve been cooking again.  Made another stir fry dish with fresh ham steak, zucchini, sweet mini peppers and celery.  So “ono” as we say in Hawaii 🙂

Thankful Thursday Thankful Thursday



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