My Thankful Thursday week started on a bad note.  But it has turned into a renewed hope in humankind for me.  I mean I know people are basically good and that there are a certain number of individuals who aren’t whom we hear about that it sometimes overwhelms my brain.

1.  We were notified on Thursday that our son had fallen 40 feet at work 2 hours away.  It was so sad to see him laying in pain in the hospital bed and my heart just ached every time I thought of what it must have been like.  He laid in ICU for 5 days and has improved quite a bit over the week.  He fractured and bruised several places on and in his body and broke a wrist, but will fully recover with rehab we are told.  It will be a long road.  Our family has been showered with love, prayers and offers to help from family and friends all over the world.  We were all moved and overwhelmed with the GOODNESS and kindness of humankind and feel truly blessed.

2.  One of the blessings of the hospital being 2 hours from home is that we’ve gotten quite a bit of quality time visiting on the ride down and back.  Due to work schedules and the fact that we can’t do anything anyway as our son has slept a lot of these days while heavily medicated in the hospital, I’ve only gone to be with my daughter-in-law once with Mister, once with our youngest daughter, and once with our second daughter.   We’ve enjoyed the quality time!

3.  Ok, I can’t help myself and must post a couple flower pictures from our yard and ditch 🙂

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

4. I didn’t work out on the days I worked my 10 hour day job and I spent my days off going to and at the hospital so I did not get my workouts in as scheduled.  I did fit in a couple the last two days after my part-time job and one day off.   So all is not lost!

5.  I found a recipe on Pinterest that was surprisingly delicious.  The picture that caught my eye was of cabbage and kielbasa, two things I like and have cooked together with just my basic go-to seasonings (salt, pepper and garlic powder).  This recipe was a bit different (it contains sugar, mustard, rice vinegar to name a few) and piqued my interest.  Mister and I both liked it very well so we can count on me making it again 🙂

Thankful Thursday




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