How is everyone this Thankful Thursday?  I’m well and so glad I get to do outdoor activities for my workouts (some of the time – like when it’s not raining/storming).

1.  As a Traveler Counselor, I get to see and meet a lot of different people each day that I show up to work 🙂  This past week, I had a gal come in looking like she was really lost.   Well, she knew where she was going and she knew what she wanted.  She just didn’t know how to ask for it without coming across as too crazy I think.  She was taking selfies with someone each time she made a stop on her trip!  What a fun thing to do!  So guess who got into the picture with her?  lol

2.  It’s the first part of a new month and I worked my part time job at the lawyer firm this week.  My grandson came in the same day I was there to do more shredding.  He only worked a couple hours and told me he made enough so he could buy a Lego Kit that he wanted.  He’s such a little worker!  Some employer will be blessed by him one day – unless he ends up being an entrepreneur of course!  🙂  With his work ethic, he will do well either way.


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

3.  Well, this coming weekend is my friend’s wedding.  So by next week I’ll have some fun pictures to post.  I’ve been working like crazy at weightlifting to get some defined muscles.  I definitely should have started earlier!  Oh well, it is what it is and I’m not going to stress about it this late in the game.  But I am going to continue so I can have buff arms for summer  🙂

4.  I’m getting back into the swing of things with my new camera – taking photos of my meals and posting recipes such as lastnite’s dinner.

Thankful Thursday



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