This will be a quickie Thankful Thursday post as I worked today at my part-time job for 8 hours and I’m a bit tired.  Usually I have NO PLANS on Thursdays so that I can focus on my Blog, etc.  But it’s the beginning of the month when I have to work the part-time job which sometimes falls on a Thursday.  Anyway, let’s proceed to this week’s Thankful Thursday highlights.

1.  While getting ready in the mornings, I have been noticing the sunrises.  My camera broke so I have to use my iPod Touch camera which doesn’t do justice to the gorgeous sunrises.  The colors are much more brilliant in person.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


2.  We’ve had (too) many days of sub zero weather this winter and no problem at all with frozen pipes.  But this week when the temperature was in the double digits (but not quite into the teens), our hot water pipe to our shower froze!  It had been blowing from the north all the night before right up against the bathroom wall.  Mister saved the day and had it thawed by late afternoon and I finally got to take the shower I had been looking forward to taking that morning.  Yay!

3.  Well, I didn’t get to order the bridesmaids dresses becos the owner of the store ran out of the colored fabric to make the dresses.  We are on a waiting list 🙁  We’ll wait for an update on the status of things, but in the meantime we are working on Plans B & C.

4.  My husband had to drive me to work the other day becos the roads were slick and it was windy out AND I’m still scarred from driving in the whiteout a month ago.  I still hate winter.  I am happy however, that we are going to turn our clocks ahead in a couple days and I will be driving home from work in broad daylight!

5.  Oh yea, and I’m still working on taxes.  When will I learn to keep up with my bookeeping throughout the year???  I think it should be this year! lol

Stay hopeful.  Spring is coming – that’s what they keep saying anyway!


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