My Thankful Thursday post is not weekly once more… one last time hopefully.  I’m sure I will get back on track soon…just not today.  I’m not having many highlights so this isn’t hurting matters too much lol

It’s taken a little bit of an adjustment, but we are making a new routine on work days.  I have to leave a few minutes earlier than I used to but it’s ok cos I don’t have to drive on the freeway so much.  One mile @ 70 mph instead of 9 to get to work at my full time job and only 7 instead of 15 to get home.  The rest of the time, it’s town and rural driving and slower, but way less stress.  And the minutes add up to about the same amount.  Then when I went to my part-time job this morning, there was NO freeway driving.  Whoop!  Oh, and no gravel roads anymore either.  Mister has less of a drive by about 7 miles.  Win!

I’m so blessed!  While working on the weekend and on the same day, first my youngest daughter and son in law stopped by for a visit on their way to their college stomping grounds to reminisce and get lunch at a ‘new’ place they found out about.  A couple hours later, my second daughter and her husband popped in for a visit on their way to the same city to do some shopping and get a bite to eat.  Those little visits from my family put a skip in my step and made the day go by just a wee bit faster.

We spent Mother’s Day eve with them.  It was enjoyable first to do something different besides unpack, and secondly I didn’t have to cook!  My oldest daughter called me that nite, and the next day I got texts and Mister took me out to a Chinese buffet.  We hadn’t been there for so long, it was great!  I talked to my mother too on the phone and it was so good to hear her voice.

I finally have more Traveler tidbits of the week 🙂   This first one was a shocker becos it was totally unexpected.  I didn’t even ask him to sign the book after it all happened, so I don’t know where he came from or anything else about him except that he had an accent I couldn’t make out.  He came in asking for info on a city which I couldn’t understand what he was saying.  After some questions and having him repeat it a few more times and still not getting it, I asked him to spell it for me.  He jumped back from where he was leaning on the counter (I guess he was tired) and swore at me and exclaimed that I knew nothing!  The fact that he yelled and swore at me and I didn’t do anything wrong got my blood pressure to rise.  BUT!  I couldn’t yell or swear back.  There was a little more conversation (cold on my part) and I figured out what he was saying.  I answered his questions, he calmed down a bit but I was shaking by the time he left.  I guess there’s always a first time!   JEEZ.

Later that afternoon, J. E. from CA came in and headed straight for the guestbook to sign in.  When I asked him if I could help him find any information he said “No, I just wanted to sign your book cos I want you to stay open.”  I wish all the travelers had that attitude 🙂

On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

I’m still doing the “moving workout” and I’ve lost the 4 pounds that I gained while on vacation to Maui a couple months ago.  So basically I’m back to where I was in January.  I have done a couple of short streaming videos off a website I visit pretty regularly for something different but I haven’t done any dvds.  #neverendingprocess

I’ve had to go from decades of using a gas stove to an electric one and it’s been a little bit of a challenge.  Gas heats so much faster and browns things just the way I like it.  Just another adjustment I guess.  Here is one of my favorite dishes I made this week – stir fry of course.  This time I used ground pork, onion, cabbage and sweet peppers with garlic powder, salt and pepper.  It was so yummy!!

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday




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