It’s been feeling like fall around here.  Rain, wind and thunderstorms.  Bah!  I hope you’re having better weather this Thankful Thursday week.  How was your Mother’s Day, mothers?  I had a very nice one…heard from all my kids and we went for a lovely brunch to our baby girl and son-in-law’s newly purchased home.  They’ve only been there about a week and were settling in really well.

1.  The dumb weather hasn’t helped with some of my flowers!  I lost the one tulip and one daffodil I did have.  No more have come up so far 🙁    On the other hand the irises are budding.  And I found some other purple flowers.  See?

Thankful Thursday


Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


2.  They finished the parking lot for cars at work and it feels great to be parking away from the semis.  WAHOO!  And the traveler numbers have picked up – which is a good thing.  Keeping busy will make my 10-hour days fly!

3.  Remember my friend’s wedding I was in almost a year ago as a bridesmaid?  Well, my friend’s oldest daughter is having a baby next month so I started another baby blanket.  This time I wanted to make one with a pattern to it instead of just straight rows of the same stitch so I had to find one online.  I’m not using the colors or pattern of colors on the instructions that I found, but I am following it to make the ripple stitches so it will come out right.  (the one I made last month was from memory and not quite correct)  It’s a little bright but I think the mother-to-be will like it.  What d’ya think?

Thankful Thursday



On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

4.  I’m still working on strength training for my arms.  This week I did some ChaLEAN Extreme with weights.  Killer workout!  I hurt for 2 days!  #goodhurtofcourse  The Power Walks seem to be defining my body shape into something wonderful.  🙂  Oh!  I did some clothes shopping and was VERY surprised that I had to buy small tops instead of my usual medium.  And the size 6 purple jeans I have are loose on me.  Thank you Kathy Smith!

5.  I picked up more green treasure in the form of wild asparagus which means we can have a couple more side dishes for free.   Second week in a row!  #eatinghealthygreens



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