I hope your week has been a good one!  I have a couple really exciting highlights to write home about on my Thankful Thursday blog post 🙂  So let’s get started!

1.  I had to work over the weekend and Sunday was dragging a bit for me.  My sexy husband came by on his way to go fishing.  Woot!  That made my day and for the rest of it I was way chippier than I had been.

2.  I got to wear shorts and a tank top for the first time this week!  Always a good thing cos it’s a sure sign that summer is coming.  We’ve now slept with our bedroom windows open a couple times becos it was VERY warm at nite after the 80+ daytime temperatures.

3.  Received two packages in the mail yesterday.  My camera arrived and I feel almost complete again lol  I only managed to charge the battery completely, but I’m taking it to work tomorrow and will learn about it on my down time.  And I got a care package from my Mom with one of my favorite Maui snacks – homemade mango seed.  I’m in heaven!  I need to find a recipe for it…or maybe not.  (cos I’d be eating it all the time!!)

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday












On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

4.  I like to walk our gravel roads when the weather permits, but I especially like to walk when it’s hot cos that allows me a bigger calorie burn – with all that sweating and all.  This week I got to walk for 3 days in a row.  The temps were in the low 80s the first two days and only 75 the third, but it was still awesome!

5.  I harvested quite a bit of wild asparagus this week while on my walks and also picked a few stalks from our garden.  I made that noodle dish I like so much with some of it and the rest of it will be enjoyed at another meal.

Thankful Thursday



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