Happy Thankful Thursday post day, ya’ll!  I’m so glad the “work two jobs” time of the month is done.  Sometimes it seems like a long two weeks yet they fly by in a blur.  #oxymoron   Is your week going well?

1.  We were closed for Veteran’s Day this past week.  A holiday throws the regular schedule off whereby one of the days the other gal works 2 hours and I do 8 to make a total of 10 for that day.  I worked two days at my part-time job (one of them on my day off from my full-time job!) so it’s been a long week – work wise.  Next week after I work 3 in a row, I will have 3 off, go back for 1, then have 3 more off.  I decided to take that one off to so I’ll have…YES!  7 days in a row off.  Guess who’s excited???

2.  This week’s traveler tidbit is about Salvadore who first asked me if I spoke Spanish when he came into the Welcome Center.  I said, “Un poco…MUY un poco” and asked him if he spoke English.  He laughed and said he did so I told him we’d get along better if he spoke his english rather than my spanish.  Later he tried to give me $3 for a road map cos he thought I said “three” when he asked me how much the map cost and I had said “free” lol


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

3.  Since I only worked out twice in the last week (power walking and ab exercises), I will be making up for it on my 7 days off next week.  My goal is to work 45 to 60 minutes each day 🙂

4.  Here is one of the healthy meals I made this week –  homemade spaghetti meat sauce on spaghetti squash.  I did put a little too much sugar in my sauce tho, so it could have been ‘healthier’.

Thankful Thursday




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