Happy Thankful Thursday!  I hope your week has been blessed.  Today is a little different as I’m writing from work.  I don’t usually work on Thursdays, but when the work place closes for a holiday (Veteran’s Day), our schedule gets a bit discombobulated.

1.  I have been on a plateau for weeks now and am at my exact starting weight when I began doing the Beachbody workouts back in 2001.  Yes, 13 years ago I weighed the same, but I look different today.  So out of curiosity, I dug up my bikini that I wore for my first Before picture back then to see what I looked like.  I was a bit amazed to find that my love handles from the Before picture are not showing in this week’s photo!  I wonder where they went?

Thankful Thursday

2. I needed some carrots to add to a stir fry dish for supper one nite, so I ended up digging several up in our garden.  Last year, I posted this on Facebook cos it was so ‘cute’.

Thankful Thursday

Take a look at what I found this year lol  #nowords

Thankful Thursday

3.  We finally got to go out and do something different over the weekend.  Mister works 6 days a week anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a day during construction season and I work 10 hours a day so we are always ‘tired’ it seems.  His boss’ son celebrated his 10th birthday  at a bowling alley party so we went and actually had a great time.  “Methinks we should do this more often”.

4. Well, the lawyer firm job took only 12 more hours to finish up this week.  They didn’t close for Veteran’s Day so I worked there that day and the day before….two short days – 7 and 5 hours 🙂  It seemed like a break!


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

5.  I’m really liking the November Fitness Challenge that I joined.  It’s gotten easier to fit in (and not forget to do) the 30 squats/30 pushups/30 core work each and every day.  I’m already planning to keep doing it throughout December.  I’m still liking my PiYo workout program but to tell you the truth, I’ll be glad to be done with my round of it so I can do more intense workouts.

6. I was a bit better about snacking this week.  I’m proud to say I didn’t buy any snacky foods when I went to the grocery store this week!  Yay me.



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