So today is a true Thankful Thursday becos it’s Thankxgiving Day!!!  I hope ya’ll are having a truly blessed one.  This is the first year that we are not having a huge family get together and I’m enjoying it to the max.   🙂  It’s been a quiet one with no hectic-ness/stress.  Tomorrow we will get together with our youngest daughter and son-in-law for supper.

1.  My traveler tidbit for this week is pretty funny.  As I was entering info from our guestbook into the computer, I couldn’t figure out what state ‘NP’ was.  So I looked at the city to get a clue and it said ‘Chicago’.  I wondered why it said NP instead of ‘IL’ so I looked at the traveler’s name.  It said ‘Santa Claus’.  I guess he didn’t want to really sign his name haha  I’ve mentioned before that some good old characters come into the Welcome Center 🙂

2.  I met my youngest daughter in the city for lunch.  I’ve missed doing this so much.  She’s the one I homeschooled and we did EVERYTHING together.  It was like old times.  After that we went to Illinois to pick up the prize I bid on at our conference last month.

Thankful Thursday

3.  A couple days ago, I saw the bright colored prisms again but in my right eye this time.  It lasted for almost 11 minutes.  Thankfully there were no floaters so I don’t believe there is big cause for concern about having a rip on the back of my eye.


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

4.  I decided to move on to a new CIZE workout in the program this week.  This is number 5 in the series and boy was it fast paced with more complicated moves.  It’s gonna take me several times to get it all down and feel comfortable doing it.  I luv it tho!

5.  Since I had to use up some bean sprouts I had bought, I made chow fun this week with an adjustment.  I had some leftover  powdered teriyaki seasoning so used that instead of won ton soup powder.  The taste was a bit different (sweet rather than salty), but it still had that asian flair.  Here is the recipe.

Thankful Thursday




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