Hey you guys!  I’m pressed for time – it’s that “work two jobs” time of the month and the days are flying by!  How’s your Thankful Thursday going for ya’ll?  How are you liking the time change and driving home in the dark?  You know my answer.

1.  I’ve worked 4 of the last 7 days and only worked out 3.  Normally it’s the other way around, but working my part-time job at the beginning of the month throws a curve in the routine/schedule.  But that’s ok, cos I work out between 45 minutes and an hour to try to get 150 minutes in each week.

2.  A traveler who came in and signed the guestbook “N.A.” told me that even tho he usually only gives people this wrapped hard candy to make them smile, he was giving me one cos I was already smiling so nicely 🙂   How sweet is that?


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

3.  I wanted to keep doing something different than power walking, so I revisited Focus T25 and a really oldie but goodie with my very first Beachbody trainer, Tony Horton and his amazing Power Half Hour series…on the same day.  I was moving very carefully for a couple days.  #luvDOMS  Yesterday I wanted to get back into CIZE so I did one, and today I did two more.  Go me!

4.  It’s fall now so I brought out my trusty little crockpot!  Been gathering recipes to fix..anyone got some good ones to share?  I do have to make one adjustment tho.  Instead of having my pot going all day and walking in from work to some awesome schmells, I have to have it on overnite since I work 10 hour days and wake up to those awesome aromas instead.  (did you notice I started and ended my sentence with the same word and it sounded ok?)  lol  Well, it did to me at least 😛

Thankful Thursday



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