This week’s Thankful Thursday post is coming from out of town.  I’m at our annual work conference 4.5 hours away from home for a few days  Prior to getting ready for it, I worked a  couple days and didn’t do much else.  So there isn’t any highlights per se to my week.  The conference is the highlight 🙂

The drive over was beautiful (lots of gorgeous fall colors), easy (70 mph on the interstate all the way) and no inclement weather of any kind.  #perfection  The first day (pre-conference) we went on a tour of the city, followed by a reception, scavenger hunt and dinner/drinks.

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday and today has been full of speakers and workshops.  Last year was my first conference and I must say the speakers are pretty awesome this year, the seminars very informative and the food great!  The hotel is nice and clean and I especially like my king size bed! I’m enjoying this very much 🙂 I re-met some people from last year’s conference and have made new friends the last few days.

But, as fun as it is to get away and do something different, I will be glad to be back home and “back to normal”.

Have a great weekend!



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