Hi there peeps!  The days are getting noticeably shorter.  We will be turning our clocks back this weekend and just like that I’ll be leaving work in the dark again.  *sigh*  I am determined not to complain (too much) this Thankful Thursday post or anytime over the next several weeks.

1.  I made it back safe and sound from my work conference, more knowledgeable in all things Iowa…ok, well, not ALL things and places, but obtained some knowledge that I didn’t have before.  This was the #bestconferenceever.  Our substitutes who covered for us at work did a great job for the week and I didn’t have too many issues or corrections to make the day after I came home.  Yay!

2.  My doctor visit was a positive one.  She agreed with my eye doctor that the two incidents were not related and it’s a good sign that I haven’t had any dizzy spells or anxiety attacks since the week before Conference.  From my descriptions of my scary incidents, she concluded that I had an inner ear issue – she called it benign vertigo and if it reappears or persists, there is over the counter meds I can purchase.  I have worked on the anxiety issues and quite a bit of it has passed or resolved itself – so as of now, I’m good to go!  🙂

3.  We had our annual fall family picnic this past weekend.  It was a good time seeing some extended family who we don’t get to often see.  It was a perfect, gorgeous day – temps were in the high 60’s and no wind.  It’s always a highlight being with my family.  And as usual, no one left hungry – not after being at our potluck!


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

4.  Again my workouts this week has been walking.  But today I’m changing it up a bit and doing Brazil Butt Lift – Cardio Axe for cardio and High & Tight for sculpting.  I have a feeling my tushy will be talking to me for a few days afterwards.

5.  Here’s a shot of the Chinese Chicken Salad I took to our potluck.  Everyone else brought meat and side dishes, and dessert.  Some of us were grateful that I brought a vegetable!  One of the blessings in disguise 🙂

Thankful Thursday


Don’t forget to turn your clocks back this weekend.  I really wish we didn’t have to mess with all the changing of clocks 🙁



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