Thankful Thursday is here and I have a few highlights to post.   I hope ya’ll are having a good fall so far.  I understand some people actually like fall and the cold.  :p

1.  Ok, so the work conference ended and we had a nice easy drive home.  We stopped at one of the Rest Area/Welcome Centers to visit with one of the gals who couldn’t make it to the conference.  It’s always interesting to me to see how other places look and compare it to my own.  We took a few pictures, visited, then were on our way.  Oh, one awesome thing…I spotted a gas station that was advertising $2.78 a gallon so I had to stop and purchase a tank full – or as much as I could.  Then 4 hours later I was back in my comfort zone 🙂

2. I got to work the very next day and it felt strange to be back at work after 6 days of not even thinking about it.  I always feel like I’m on vacation – albeit a working one – when I’m at a conference 🙂

3.  BARE TREES!  That’s what I came back to in my yard.  Sorry, but that depressed me cos it means it’s cold.  Again, have I said how much I don’t like the cold?  See how not so happy feeling these pictures are…

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


4.  We were invited to a couple Halloween parties on the weekend, but since Mister works 10 to 12 hour days 6 days a week, we opted not to go and “have fun”.  lol  I certainly hope we’re not “getting old”.  Sometimes I feel that since I’m meeting/greeting travelers on the job, that I get my ‘socialization’ for the week at work lol  I had also just gotten back from being away for several days, I just wanted to chillax at home!


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

5.  I didn’t do any work outs or use the hotel fitness room/swimming pool while at the conference, but did walk a lot.  I am happy to say I have gotten back into my PiYo workouts and it feels good!

6.  The meals at the conference were pretty good and for the most part pretty healthy.   I enjoyed most of them, but I’m a bit biased and was glad to get back to fixing my own healthy meals at home.



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