Did you notice it’s getting darker earlier now?  Who could miss that – especially if you are active or work outside.  I’m so not looking forward to the shorter days.  I’m really trying hard to feel blessed this Thankful Thursday as I feel the stress and slight depression setting in.

1.  With the shorter days come the cooler temperatures.  I went to look at footwear at a shoe store and ended up buying some short boots.  I’ve now worn them several days in the past week as it’s been in the 60’s.

Thankful Thursday

2.  One of my daughters, her husband and their son came for a visit on their way west while I was sitting a bit bored at work.  That of course, and as usual picked up my spirits and made my day a bit happier 🙂  The next day Mister came by early on his way to see his dad in the nursing home.  That was the second day in a row my family made my day!

3.  So a traveler from the northwestern part of our country named Bruce and I were having a conversation and I found out early on that he knows one of my sons-in-law’s father.  Such a small world!  This is one of the perks of working in the Center – meeting people from all over the world and sometimes realizing we are just…what is it? 6 degrees of knowing each other…or something like that.


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

4.  I did not do very well workout-wise. Only got a couple short power walks in with Kathy Smith and managed to lift weights with Chalene’s Extreme Burn Circuits twice.

5.  I do most of the cooking in our household.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I came home to this one evening.

Thankful Thursday





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