It’s Thankful Thursday again!  Yay! I do have a few highlights; and even if some were negative, I am grateful to be alive and healthy so I am not complaining.

1.  It’s the time of the month where I work my two jobs.  I juggled it so the most I had to do was four days in a row 🙂  Not as bad or stressful as 8 in a row!  When I first was hired, they told me it was for up to 5 days, 40 hours a month.  I’m doing the job in 3 days and less than 20 hours a month.  They should give me a raise cos I’m saving them lots of money!

2. Our 25 year old washer hasn’t been acting right – namely not running cold water and not spinning the clothes dry so I had to call the repair guy.  The upside is I have to wring the clothes some of the time and that’s kinda like strength training for my arms haha  It’s gonna cost a pretty penny when all is said and done.  The good news is we won’t have to spend several hundred dollars for a new one at this time.

3.  Guess what?  I named our adopted female cat.  She is always snuggling, so I’m calling her Snuggles.  What else?  haha  She’s so snuggly.

4.  It was tougher than normal getting my part time job done on the second of 2 days that I did it this week.  So I met Mister (for once we got off at the same time) after work for a couple drinks and dinner.  I almost regretted that we did cos it started raining cats and dogs about the time we left the restaurant and headed home.  It was so difficult to see thru the downpour in the dark.  By the way, I am not liking that it’s getting darker earlier which means summer is leaving us.  Anyway, it was so stressful but we made it home and I fell into bed without getting on my laptop!  That is rare.


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

5.  Still keeping up with my PiYo workouts when I can fit it in.  I feel that I’m getting stronger and my right shoulder hardly hurts anymore.  I still modify a little when I’m working it tho!

6.  I went Line Dancing again with the same girls as last week.  The dance we learned wasn’t as easy as the Swamp Rat from the week before, but we stuck it out as long as we could lol  It was funner dancing after the evening’s lesson.

7.  I made another batch of salsa.  The best one yet!  I ate a lot of it right afterwards too.  I can’t help it.

Thankful Thursday



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