Weather-wise this past week was almost perfect – low 80s…not too hot and not too cold.  Goldilocks would have liked it lol  It actually thunder stormed this morning and we had some rain which our gravel road needed.  I feel blessed this Thankful Thursday 🙂

1.  We went to a wedding reception on Saturday.  It was fun as usual and I got to burn some calories dancing.  There is a move in CIZE called ‘the trip’ and the fellas from the wedding party was doing something similar but more intense.  Guess who went up and joined them?  WOW!  My heart was a pumping hard that evening that’s for sure!!!

2.  For Grandparents Day at the nursing home, they put on a beef luncheon so we spent a part of the afternoon visiting with my father-in-law and other family and friends.  It was a good day.

3.  Before I finished for the month at my part-time job on Monday, I ran some errands before and after work.  I still really like the work that I do at that lawyer firm and am having second thoughts about giving it up.  *sigh*

4.  Traveler highlight:  A gal named Dixie came into the Center and after looking around a bit, came up to me to show me her picture in one of the Visitor Guides that she didn’t even know about.  Lots of people come in and check out their hometown literature and once in awhile that happens.  She was tickled and I gave her several booklets to take and share with her family and friends 🙂


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

5.  I tried this new CIZE workout called 8 Count Abs.  Yea, that is NOT going to be my favorite one.  It was difficult for a number of reasons.  I don’t like floor ab work in the first place and secondly, I haven’t worked on my abs for sometime now.  This is always a challenge when working a body part that hasn’t been focused on.  So I will incorporate more of that from now on!

6.  I made our favorite Mexican dish that we enjoy better than the restaurant made ones – homemade tacos.  I had made a fresh batch of salsa, so that just added to the deliciousness of it.  I used spinach cos I didn’t have lettuce on hand (which we like better anyway!) and crumbled cheese.

Thankful Thursday




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