What?  Thankful Thursday is here already?  Oh My Gosh!  Then I’d better get on it lol  I really really wish time would go slower so I could savor the moments longer.

1.  The weather has been awesome this past week!  It’s been in the 70’s.  I personally think that is perfect – I call it Goldilocks temperatures – not too hot; not too cold 🙂  Our youngest son-in-law had a birthday so we hung out one weekend evening and there were NO bugs even!  I know it is wishful thinking, but I do wish it could stay like this ALL year.

2. I still  haven’t heard from our washer repairman yet.  The good news is, the washer has been working perfectly.  This is fine with us of course.

3.  Well, the machine shed is finally down.  I sure hope the winds from the northwest won’t be so harsh in the fall and winter, becos it seems it will come straight at the house without our faithful ‘windbreaker’.

Here’s a before photo of the machine shed – the building in the middle…

Thankful Thursday

And a couple of the space after it was taken down…

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


4.  I worked an extra day this week.  The lawyer firm I used to temp for pretty often called me to come in for a day.  I hadn’t worked there for over a year…since working more permanently with the lawyer firm I go to every month.  I’m glad I still had my notes on what to do in their office.  🙂

On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

5.  I did something different one day this week for workouts.  I’ve been wanting to be more “active” in my moves so I did Les Mills Combat Kick Start.  The punching and kicking felt awesome.  LMC is one of my all time favorite workout programs.  Maybe becos I took some martial arts classes back in the 90s and it was kickass.

6.  I harvested some bell peppers and made freshly stuffed peppers for supper – oh they were so much better than the ones I freeze.  I think it’s the flavor of the peppers.  Not that the frozen ones aren’t good.  They just aren’t as fresh tasting 🙂


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