Hey everyone!  How’ve you been holding out with the cooler weather?  I’m typing my Thankful Thursday post with my sweater on 🙁  I’m stressing out already about winter coming.  But someone told me it’s gonna get back to warm weather next week.  Yay!!

1.  One of our daughters and son in law bought a puppy so we got to meet her on the weekend.  She was so cute – a french bulldog.  She kept licking our toes.  That tickled and made me laugh!  I’m not a dog person (puppies are ok tho), but I liked her a lot.  We enjoyed a delicious cookout meal and had a great time visiting our kids.

Thankful Thursday

2.  I had to have a biometric screening on Monday; therefore I had to fast for 10 hours before which isn’t hard for me to do.  The worst thing was when she poked my finger to draw blood.  I know, it’s not really a big deal, but I just don’t like being poked and I don’t really like seeing blood, especially my own!  So this isn’t really a highlight, but it did happen lol

3.  So a traveler named Tony came into the Welcome Center and when I asked him how he was doing that day, his response made me laugh.  He said, “Still mean, ornery and ugly”.  It’s funny how many older guys use that reply.


On the Fitness and Nutrition Front

4. I worked my part time job today for only 3 1/2 hours so was able to get a workout in afterwards.  Still doing power walking and CIZE – oh, I decided to stay on Level 2 of CIZE so I can “perfect” it.  Shaun has us gauge our workout by whether we feel like we need to stay in the back row, be front and center or star in our own dance video lol  I know I’ll never make my own video professionally or anything, but I’d like to do the dance routines thinking that I’m good enough to if I wanted to!  Just sayin’

5.  Altho my results from the biometric screening showed that my cholesterol levels were not the “right”/optimum healthy numbers, there was great improvement from last year so I’m headed in the right direction.  I had changed some of my eating habits and I am changing them even more.  I told the dietician that I will have very good numbers next year 🙂  And I don’t want to be a liar.




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