There’s that WHOOSH again!  Someone slow time down will ya????  It’s Thankful Thursday already!  It’s the first of the month and working two jobs doesn’t help time slow down I guess.

1.  I haven’t been Line Dancing for over a year so was a little nervous when Mister’s cousin asked me to go with her and her friend.  Her work schedule changed last year and that’s why we stopped going to the free lessons once a week in the city.  I’d forgotten a lot of the dances we learned but some of it came back without too much problem.  It was so much fun time that I’m looking forward to next week’s session….and I’m not nervous 😀

2.  So I decided to play around and give myself a french manicure. It’s important to note that 1. I haven’t done this in like over 20 years and 2. I keep the tips of my nails curved – I find it more functional.  Anyway, since I’m right-handed, painting the nails on my right hand was a tad bit difficult.  It turned out ok for my first attempt in such a long time – I actually think I painted less crookedly on my right hand.  A few days later, I decided to cut them straight across to make them look like fake nails LOL  I’m still partial to curved tips!  Here’s a few pics.  Don’t judge too harshly, ok?  haha


Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


Thankful Thursday


On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

3.  After my PiYo workout last weekend, I offered to help Mister get the mowing done so he could go fishing all day on Labor Day (I had to work; yay.)  I haven’t done a heck of whole lot of mowing as Mister has been getting it done.  I did 90 minutes of my Mowing Workout and felt awesome afterwards.  We got it all done and the lawn looked fantastic!  A day or so later when I weighed in I found that I had lost another pound.  WOOHOO!

4.  Since we’ve been eating a lot of fresh vegetables from our gardens and attempting to use up the groceries we do have on hand, I haven’t been to the grocery store for awhile….like a month.   But this week I made a 3-store trip and spent almost $265.  Granted, some of that was for non-edible items (toiletries, office supplies, etc.) but still….!!  That should last us for another good month, I think!?


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