Ok, the last few days have been so busy I forgot to post my Thankful Thursday highlights lastnite.   There’s been so much on my mind plus this is the time of the month when I work both my full-time and part-time jobs, that it gets a little crazy around here.  Next week I will work 5 days in a row.  So not used to that!

1.  My husband came to see me at work on his way home from running errands on Friday.  That may not sound like such a big deal to some of you.  But that is one of my favorite highlights when it happens.  It is a little out of his way for him to do this so I appreciate it.  It also breaks up my 10 hour work day to see his smiling face in the middle of it 🙂

2.  I mentioned my father in law’s birthday last week.  What I didn’t say was that one of his grandchildren and one of his great grandchildren were born on his birthday so we had another birthday bash at an ice cream parlor on Saturday for those who could come 🙂  He’s been visiting this ice cream parlor (which is now a historical site) for over 70 years!  Wowsers!

3.  We made a trip to the city that is west of us just so I could get some Asian groceries on Sunday.  It was a good day.  Due to my recent work schedule, I’ve had to miss church 3 Sundays in a row.  So that was first, then out to breakfast at the local cafe, visited my in-laws, then to the city.  Life is good.

4.  On the upcoming wedding front, our bridesmaids dresses came in and they’re pretty much what I expected.  We are wearing navy convertible infinity dressesThis is not the site we purchased from, but it will give you an idea of what I’m talking about.  I think it will be cool.  We all have the same colored dress, but we can each make a style suited to our body/taste.  We’re all excited about it.  The next task is to find comfortable silver shoes and a simple, but elegant silver bracelet 🙂

5.  I’ve been working on a couple fitness goals since I started my full time job and finally have accomplished them.  I’m working out 4 times a week and drinking my Shakeology for breakfast on the days that I work.  It feels great to be in some kind of routine again 🙂

Thankful Thursday


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