Do you think you can’t lose weight becos you don’t have the motivation to do what it takes?  Have you wondered “Where does one find the motivation for losing weight?” or “How do you stay motivated to lose weight once you find it?”  Let’s discuss the first question first.  I think a person has to dig deep to find that answer; no one can give you that motivation.  You have to want the results bad enough to start a weight loss journey. You have to find that ‘why’ inside of yourself and for yourself .  Some people might want better health cos they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired or they want to be fit to be able to do ‘normal’ things like climb a flight of stairs without dying for lack of breath, or to tie their own shoelaces.  Others might want to be around for their family (kids, grandkids, etc.) – to play with them on the beach or in the park…to take a walk around the block together.  Some people might just have a short-term reason for losing weight – e.g. a wedding, a vacation, a class reunion, etc.  (hopefully, it will be permanent loss even when the ‘event’ is over with).  When I was feeling desperate to lose my weight, it was just cos I wanted to feel good about myself; I had reached an all time low with my self-esteem and I wanted it back.  I wanted to look good again!  Looking good made me feel good.  That might sound a little superficial, but hey, that’s what worked for me.  I didn’t like the way my clothes fit and I surely didn’t want to go out and buy more and BIGGER sizes!  So whatever works for you – it’s your ‘why’ to motivate yourself.

Now to the second question –  once you find it, how do you keep that motivation?  You focus on it every single day.  Actually, every single moment.  Do you know that we are making a decision every single second of our existence?  Think about it…each second that you keep reading, you’re deciding to keep reading.  Five seconds from now, you might decide to stop reading and do something else.  Granted, some of it is automatic, but we are constantly deciding!  I believe that you must keep the focus foremost in your mind cos that’s where all actions start – with our thoughts.  You can have outside influences to help you.  For instance, motivational quotes and/or photos on your frig or mirror or by your computer, etc.  But you still have to make a conscious (mindful) effort to look at them in order to decide to act on them.

I mean there are days when I think – “Why do I need to lose this weight?  Why can’t I just accept myself the way I am and be happy about it?” – days when I don’t feel like working out or meals when I don’t want to eat clean and healthy.  But then I stop and think about where I want to be and then I’m good again 🙂

This focus stuff does take practice and time.  I’ve been doing it for a number of years but in the beginning it was hit and miss.  I found that with perseverance and determination, a strong desire and not choosing to quit, it can be done.  I know, becos bottom line is – I HAVE motivated myself.

I won’t live a half-life. I want a life bursting at the seams. So, I have to make choices to make that happen.

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