There’s one more week to Lent.  Some of you may know that for us Catholics, one of the things Lent means is that we give up eating meat on Fridays.  I love seafood and I like eggs so I enjoy this season of our Church.  I like the idea of getting closer to God, eating less (fasting) and meatless Fridays.  I suppose I could incorporate this into the rest of my year, but I don’t…in part so this can remain ‘special’.  Lastnite for dinner I had a healthy egg salad sandwich…well, a few.  I did change it up a bit from the usual wheat thin-slice bread and bought some Hawaiian sweet rolls.  I had a couple of those and then just the egg salad on lettuce. It’s a simple meal but so filling and so yummy!

 Healthy Egg Salad Sandwich on Sweet RollReally Healthy Egg Salad Sandwich on Lettuce

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