Yay, I’m not gone working, shopping or playing outside, so I can write my Thankful Thursday post today (instead of tonite) again 🙂

1.  Let’s start with a “family highlight” – my second daughter stopped by my work at the Welcome Center and she brought all of her family with her on their way to the city.  Her oldest was home from college for the weekend.  It was great to see all of them, and of course they made my day 🙂

2.  We usually have a big family gathering for Easter (and all holidays for that matter), but since my in-laws are ill, we have less and less of them anymore.  So I opted to work instead.  I was the assigned counselor (there’s two of us) for Sunday and was given the option of closing for part of or the whole day, so I worked 7 instead of 10 hours.  That way I was able to make it to Sunday Mass.

3.  In order to wear the bridesmaid dress the way I want to wear it, I had to buy a special bra.  Not quite sure what to expect, but if it works, I’ll be happy.  This bra is strapless, backless and seamless.  It sticks to you!  #interesting

On the Fitness/Nutrition Front

4.  This week I can report that some of the trees are starting to bud.  The grass is taller and greener as we’ve had some rain and some warm days.  Yay!  Soon I’ll be harvesting wild asparagus 🙂

5.  My husband and I walked our gravel road on one of the warmer days to get some exercise and fresh air.  We got a bonus along the way!  In a one mile stretch, we picked up 69 bottles and cans that have a refund on them.  That’s $3.45 we didn’t have before our walk!

6. I’ve been doing more upper body weight training to get my arms in shape so I can show them off in my bridesmaid dress.  Yeah baby!

Take a walk in the rain! You might like it 🙂

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