I missed blogging last week’s Thankful Thursday post for two reasons.  I was so busy – doing the same thing that I’m doing this week with not much time for anything else – so I really had nothing much to post.  I had one day scheduled to work in between 2 sets of three days off so I took it off to focus on getting the last things packed – so there was no Traveler Tidbit for the week for one.  And secondly becos there were no highlights whatsoever.  It was just declutter, clean, pack, move stuff to the other house (7 miles apart), for seven days and nights straight, then move the big stuff on the weekend.  Then it was, and still is that, plus go to work (to rest haha) and try to unpack some at the new house.

Both houses have 2 stories plus a basement so all this moving stuff has been my workout and this container of P90X Recovery Drink has been a great friend to my sore muscles for about 3 weeks now.  That and hot soothing baths!  I think I want a one-story house for our next house lol

Thankful Thursday

If nothing else, my arms and legs are getting stronger and my butt MUST be getting toned, right?  I mean why else am I so sore?

This is what we’re having to deal with now.  We feel like mice in a maze and trying to get into some kind of routine amidst the chaos.  I haven’t had time to go to the store and buy contact paper for all the drawers and cabinets so we have to live out of some boxes for a bit longer.

Thankful Thursday

Here is our “bedroom” for now becos we are so sore from climbing up and down stairs and don’t even want to think of sleeping upstairs yet.  So our bed is still not put together.  Believe it or not, the hide-a-bed is pretty comfortable.

Thankful Thursday

We now understand why some people say they are not moving for the rest of their lives.  I am planning to keep throwing out stuff as I’m unpacking becos I don’t want to be one of those people.  I may have to move another time and I don’t want to go thru this decluttering of so much again.  I’m still making it my mission to simplify.  It might just take me a little while – ok, a long while to get it done.  But it WILL get done!

We are enjoying the fact that we are no longer on a gravel road (less dust), and have a faster internet connection at this location!  Bonus 😀

Ok, back to the grind!




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