There’s not that much to post this Thankful Thursday.  It’s pretty much the same ol same ol at work…construction deterring travelers, catching up to tasks on my days off, another month soon over.  And tomorrow is the time of the month when I start to incorporate working my part-time job into my schedule – so I guess I have some hecticness to look forward to.  Riiiight!

1.  Our baby girl came over to hang out with me while our son-in-law helped his friend move in town.  He used to move people during his summers while in college so he’s one of the professionals.   He also came by to hang out when he was done just about the time Mister came home from work so we all got to visit.

2.  We had breakfast with some friends on Sunday – actually Mister’s co-worker whose daughter I made that bright baby blanket for a couple months ago.  She loved it!  🙂   And her baby is adorable.  I got to hold her and coo with her.  She shared many smiles with me as she seems to be such a happy baby.  After that while Mister went to pick up his dad at the nursing home, I made a birthday card for our grand nephew whose birthday party we went to that afternoon.  That was a good time and I got to see lots of people whom I haven’t seen for months!

3.  Guess what I found in my Girls Getaway bag of goodies?  A $150 discount coupon for a tattoo!  I’ve been wanting to get one for almost 15 years now.  (What can I say?  I’m a late bloomer lol  It took me 26 years to get my nose piercing.)  I have to work at my part-time job tomorrow so I’m going to check the place out after work – it’s 1 block up the street.  I’m not saying I’ll get one yet, but I’m seriously considering it.  (the coupon is good till the end of May)

4.  So I found 1 daffodil bud and 1 tulip in our yard this week – and a lot of blue/purple wildflowers and dandelions.  Sure wish it would warm up around here so the rest of the flowers would show up!


Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


On The Fitness and Nutrition Front

5.  I’m continuing with the Turbo Fire strength training workouts and Kathy Smith’s Power Walk ones.  Gonna do some ChaLEAN Extreme today to work out my triceps.

6.  I didn’t take the time to find more scrumptious recipes from my Hawaiian cookbooks this week, but I did cook a Hawaiian staple – spam!  It’s a spam stir fry with celery, carrots, onions, lots of pepper, shoyu and a little sugar.  Yummo!



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